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Abandoned Amusement Parks That You Can Visit If You Dare

You’d be surprised how many amusement parks fail and then continue to live in its failure. Most of the time, the owners ditch the land an leave it to nature and vandals. Some of these parks have some pretty bizarre pasts…

Splendid China, Florida

The owners of the park spend $100 million on this park in order to make it resemble the park of the same name in Shenzhen, China. Obviously, they did not get the expected return and had ti close its doors.

Camelot Theme Park, England

The park closed and was abandoned in 2012. Since then, vandals break in to explore the closed-off area. The rides are still intact, as much as they can be, but are obviously not operable.

Tianjin Amusement Park, China

This gigantic park closed its doors in 2009 due to slow business. The entire park is still standing. Even the bumper cars were left in the middle of the track…

Aquaria Park, Italy

This park was a very popular water park that was popping during the summer months. It closed down in 2010 due to lack of funding. It’s now laying abandoned with murky, gross water.

Six Flags, New Orleans

It’s a little shocking to see a Six Flags in such disarray! This was actually destroyed during Hurricane Katrina. The storm left the park flooded and broken. Right now, it’s just too much money to try and reconstruct and reopen it since the damage is so severe.

Pripyat Amusement Park, Ukraine

After the infamous Chernobyl disaster, the park was left off-limits due to the high levels of radioactivity. The park now sits there in rust.

Youngma Land, South Korea

Weirdly enough, this is an abandoned park that is actually open to the public! You can pay a fee before entering and explore at your own will. It was shut down in 2011, so there’s a lot of rust and decay inside.

Spreepark, Germany

Although the amusement park aspect is closed, locals still use the area to set up festivals and other public activities. The rides are still there and decaying, so they’re completely off-limits.

Dadipark, Belgium

The amusement park shut its doors after a horrible accident took place and a lawsuit ensued. They were not able to pay for the upkeep so they were forced to close. Now, the community has taken over the area and replaced it with a residential park.

Gulliver’s Kingdom, Japan

This one is… A little weird. It was inspired by the story of Gulliver’s Travels. Turns out, this statue was pretty off-putting to many visitors and ended up hurting the park. Now, this awkward and huge statue remains.

Nara Dreamland, Japan

This park was supposed to be the Japanese Disneyland. It failed miserably after Universal Japan opened up and closed down in 2006. Now, a lot of explorers like to break in and explore the park. It’s nicknamed ‘Nightmare Land.’

Joyland Amusement Park, Kansas

This park was opened in the 1940s and featured a wooden roller coaster along with dozens of other rides. The park was temporarily closed after an accident happened to one of its guests on the Ferris wheels. It only took a few years after that to completely close down the park. The park was fully demolished in 2015 after years of vandalism.

Wonderland, China

Weirdly enough, this park actually never saw the light of day. It was never opened to the public. Honestly, it makes it even cooler that it’s only half-built…

Takakanonuma Greenland, Japan

Finally, a haunted park! There are rumors that this place is haunted, and that it’s extremely hard to find. You can’t even find it on a map, it’s location can only be found by word of mouth.

Okpo Land, South Korea

This used to be one of South Korea’s most popular and successful parks. It closed its doors after a series of controversial events. Their duck ride, pictured, suffered the fatal loss of a child while on the ride. People were angered at the owner of the park who issued to reason or apology. A few years later, another person died on this ride. The park owner quite literally ran away from his problems and left the park to rot.