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Hilarious Lost and Found Signs People Have Seen

Misplacing something you care about is one of the worst feelings in the world. Losing a pet or something with sentimental value is profoundly troubling and leads to many making lost and found signs. These signs are typically pinned to lamp posts throughout the neighborhood. That way, people will be looking out for whatever is lost. We’ve all seen signs like this at one point or another. But, the internet will reveal that sometimes people are happy to lose certain things. If you’re curious to see examples of that, read on to discover the most unusually funny lost and found signs ever. These are sure to give you a good laugh!

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Sometimes people are enamored by things they see. This person was obsessed with this pigeon. But considering the text on this lost and found sign, the bird did not feel the same way. This bird took a few minutes to woo this person by the tree near the library.

To this person’s dismay, the bird flew away without warning. Thus, this lost and found sign was created. This bird was probably hungry and looking for food. Or they heard one of their bird friends squawking in need. Whatever the case, birds will be birds!

Don’t Make it Weird

This sign is blatantly sending a message. Someone found a dog, took a strong liking to that pup, and kept them despite not being the original owner. Imagine being the original owner. That must be a terrible feeling!

Sure, the past owner could be relieved their dog is alive and not wandering the streets alone and hungry, but this is a pretty awkward and painful situation. On the other hand, maybe they will conjure a way to get their precious dog back. You never know what could happen!

You Have to Say Yes

Most people with a good sense of humor always look for an excellent example of trolling. Luckily, we have one right here! This might not be your typical lost and found sign, but it is sure to have garnered a combination of head scratches and giggles from people who have seen it.

The real question is: is there a prize for anyone who has read this flier and torn off the “yes” slips? It is surprising enough to see that tabs have been taken. So, maybe there is a reward for reading this flier. Well, we hope!

Is it Me?

This homemade Lionel Richie tear-off lost and found sign is a delight to fans everywhere. Of course, anyone familiar with Richie remembers the classic music video for the song “Hello” that this sign is based on.

Not only is this heartwarming, but it is also incredibly clever. Someone put a lot of thought and effort into this, and all their hard work paid off. This sign belongs in the hall of fame of lost signs. It is one of the most hilarious but wholesome lost and found signs we have ever seen!

Ninja Turtle

Here we have an exciting combination of things missing. First, we have a turtle. Then we have nunchucks. Sure, these things seem like typical things that could get lost on their own, But when you put them together, it just appears that this person has lost a paranormal turtle.

This could even mean a turtle similar to those from the television show Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The lost and found sign does say that the turtle appears slow but is very dangerous. This certainly is not just describing a regular reptile!

Losing Your Mind

Everyone has felt like they were out of their mind at one point or another. But, this person took it to the next level. They made a lost and found sign when they felt crazy about their lost brain. Their brain isn’t physically lost but might feel like it is.

We all might have our moments, but according to the sign, the more you lose your mind, the happier you become. So this person doesn’t even want anyone to contact them. Well, just as long as they are so happy. Right?

That’s a Funny ‘Cat’

Reading this sign, we can’t help but wonder if we are being trolled or if this so-called cat was actually found. The wording of the found sign makes it sound like this person might genuinely have confused this wild animal for a cat.

But, the fact that there was no collar should have been enough proof that this was a wild animal, not a domesticated cat. If this is real, this person needs to be taught the differences between different animals. Otherwise, they might accidentally put themselves in danger!


Some people have strange pets, but this might be the weirdest of them all. Whoever crafted this lost and found sign has a pet fly. Yes, you heard that correctly, a pet fly. Flies are annoying insects that people would rather swat to death than tolerate.

That said, we’re almost sure that this is a prank. Plus, the fly’s name is Harry, and it’s hairy. This sounds like a line in a children’s book. How much more corny could this sign get?

Lost Cat

Some of the best lost and found signs are the ones that have deeper meanings. This specific sign is based on the Erwin Schrodinger thought experiment of 1935. In short, Schrodinger imagined a cat enclosed in a box with a vial of poison.

But, the cat would be simultaneously dead and alive until the box is opened according to quantum mechanics, back to the lost and found sign. Of course, it is a clever joke, especially for the history buffs. But it would probably go over your head. Tragic!

Crazy Klaus

Dogs are known as great companions, but just like humans, none of them are perfect. People often air their frustrations concerning their pups through dog-shaming photos. This lost and found poster did a great job of doing precisely that.

From what it looks like, this person got a crazy-looking photograph of their dog Klaus and wanted to utilize it in the funniest way possible. This fake lost and found sign will surely give anyone who sees it a good laugh!

We Can Relate

This might be one of the most relatable parody lost and found posters ever made. Everyone is guilty of popping a Claritin when their allergies get bad. But, the downside is that allergy medication takes time to kick in, approximately two hours.

The most interesting part about this sign is the phone number listed as “1-800-4-Zyrtec.” So maybe this poster isn’t your typical lost and found sign, but it is a clever marketing tactic to get people to use Zyrtec instead of Claritin. If that is the case, the Zyrtec marketing team did a great job!

The Opposite of Lost

Most of the lost and found signs featured on this list provide the human’s perspective instead of the animal’s. However, have you ever wondered what being lost from an animal’s perspective, such as a dog, would seem like? Well, here is your answer!

The dog themselves believes that they are the opposite of lost. The pampered pooch in this picture doesn’t want anyone to find them. They have already escaped and are advocating for others to join them. Hopefully, other dogs don’t see this and listen. If they do, there will be a lot of missing dogs roaming the streets!

Lost in the Clouds

This poster proves people will make lost and found signs for just about anything. That includes things that don’t belong to them or that they have only seen once for a brief period. Here we have a sign for a lost cloud.

The cloud in question was last seen above the person who crafted the sign’s house. It looks white, fluffy and drifty, just like all clouds do. Imagine looking into the sky, seeing a cloud and instantly claiming ownership of it. Wow, what a crazy world we live in!

We’d Keep Him

At first glance, this looks like another lost and found sign. However, reading deeper into it makes you realize this is different. One of the cutest cats we’ve ever seen is pictured, and it looks like this cat is trying to sneak their way into a new home. But, if you ask us, this sign has many unanswered questions.

First, was this adorable kitten a stray or did this feline have a home? Second, did this cat find their previous owner, if it had one, or did it move into this new person’s house? If anything, an updated version of this sign might be in order!


One of the strangest but somewhat common pets to have is a pet crab. These crustaceans might seem like they belong in the world’s oceans. But, apparently, they also make great companions. Unfortunately, this poster spreads the news that Lancelot the crab is missing.

Considering the effort put into this flyer, it seems that Lancelot’s owner wants him back as soon as possible. Not only was a description of Lancelot provided, but so were warnings about potential dangers. At least it is much easier to identify Lancelot with the given information.