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Husband Illustrates Everyday Life With Wife In 16 Pictures

If you’ve ever wondered how love looks like on cartoons here you go. An artist drew his own life sharing little parts and details with us. Don’t be surprised if you find quite a few similarities. Their last picture is worth the wait!

16. Weekend Vibes

15. Some Place I’d Like to Be

14. Trip from IKEA

13. Comfort Zone

You don’t necessarily have to do something meaningful in order to enjoy each other’s company. You can be just lying on the couch watching something silly on the TV or staring out of your head, and still feel safe and comfortable.

Everyone has their own hobbies, such as men like to play games, women like to read plays and so on. This kind of personal space needs mutual respect. You know, marriage is not an absolute vacuum, not two people living together must love each other all day long, give each other a little space for hobbies can in a sense adjust the relaxation of marriage, because the individual will be very relaxed when doing what he likes. Play when it’s time to play, love when it’s time to love, and make a slight distinction, both of them will be very relaxed.

In addition to space, keep your own “time” and let your partner know that it’s necessary for you to spend an afternoon sitting alone in a cafe or hanging out alone.

12. Such a Wonderful Morning

Everyone knows the scenario when they feel the stupid smile is getting bigger and bigger on our face while watching our significant other. Meanwhile they just don’t understand what is happening and stare back like something is wrong with you.

11. Love Bugs

Love comes in many different shapes and forms just because you see something else in other’s life and relationships does not mean yours is wrong. People are not the same we do, say and think things in a slightly different way.

10. Changes

9. Constant Learning

During the time you spend and live together there are so many things you learn about each other. You know you’ve really fallen for them when everything they tell you makes you more and more interested.

8. What Should I Draw?

Helping feels necessary because you only want the best for your partner. You will learn a lot about your boundaries and what you are really capable of during your journey. Not everyone is able to give without anything in exchange.

7. Tough Times

6. Nap Time

5. Time to Go to Bed

4. Fun Activities

3. Kisses

2. Sleep Tight

1. We’re Pregnant