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The 10 Most Luxurious First Class Airlines

Airports can be the worst; we’ve all been there with our luggage getting lost, planes getting delayed, connections missed, and above all, rude people. We all love to travel—it’s the airport we all have to juggle through. However, if you’re lucky enough to fly first class, then you’re lucky enough to get all the pampering that the airport world has to offer you.

If you’ve seen the Seinfeld episode where Elaine keeps trying to sneak into first class, while Jerry is getting served ice cream sundaes’ with champagne and robes, you’ll know you’ve wanted the taste of that life. Some of these first class airlines specialize in making sure your flight duration is in full luxury, and pure happiness. So strap into first class, and grab yourself a cocktail.

10. ANA(All Nippon Airways) First Square: $7,500

The suites offer less privacy than Emirates’s. It provides spacious area and long walking way to breathe freely. There is a place inside the suite to hang clothes. Upon request, the attendants come and make your seat flat and add pillows bedding etc. Full course meal is given to the passengers. They can choose them from the menu. Usually the deserts are awesome. Passengers receive pyjamas for a comfort sleep. They also receive cardigan to avoid cold.

9. Air France: $8,100

This luxurious flight has total 9 seats for first class passengers. Some are single and some are having others seats adjacent. Privacy is not the main purpose of the seats for sure. Seats are manually controlled which are not too much tricky. Each seat is accompanied with Bose super headphones. Pyjamas, amenity kit and slippers are offered to every passenger. There is a trunk under ach ottoman for storage. Apart from its seat and bedding another noted thing is the service of the attendants. They always serve you your needs with a smile at their face.

8. Qantas: $14,974

True to its Australian roots, the airline’s first-class seats transforms into a flat bed with a cozy sheepskin mattress. The individual suite also features plenty of space for your belongings and an ottoman chair. Enjoy an eight-course dinner menu put together by renowned Australian chef Neil Perry and consult the Sommelier in the Sky for suggestions on wine and Champagne pairings.

The airline won the Best First Class Sparkling, Best Presented First Class Wine List and Best Overall Cellar at the Cellars in the Sky Awards 2012. A Los Angeles to Melbourne first-class ticket can cost over $14,974.

7. Singapore Airlines: $18,400

The Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Frankfurt- JFK is grabbing the whole attention nowadays. The ultimate comfort and luxury you can find only here! The flight has normal seats as well as these suite facilities. Some are one bedded and 2 are there for couples to share two bedded suites. The flight has lucrative liquor bar, a quite expensive spa, and amazing privacy. Foods they give are just too good. Inside the suite you will not get bored as the authority has planned a lot of entertainment options for you before you enter to it. Great internet system is also there but you need to pay for it separately. A cool amenity kit with lovable toiletries is given to all first class travellers. It will be a wonderful journey for newly married couple! Low’s ticket from Singapore to New York cost him $18,400 (in accumulated air miles!)

6. Virgin Atlantic: $21,000

I prefer calling the atmosphere is the upper class section as DISCO. Not only because of the lightings but also because of the shiny interior I feel so. Seat functions are fully manual and can easily be controlled. The entertainment section is also nice. The amenity kit given is a bit inferior to the others. Whether you’re there to work through the flight or have a good time, you can adjust the lighting of your suite to match your mood thanks to the mood lighting system. Stay in touch with people on the ground with the AeroMobile feature that allows you to send and receive calls and texts from your own cell phone. A first-class flight from New York to Singapore can cost $21,000 and up.

5. Japan Airlines: $24,000

Available on international flights, the Japan Airlines first class cabin features the JAL Suite, an individual compartment with a classy wood grain interior in which your seat transforms into a bed when you’re ready to doze-off. The pillow and bedding are designed to maintain your body in an ideal seated or lying position, but if you do get achy you can request a bamboo massage stick for the soles of your feet or a portable air-massaging device.

Japan Airlines has its own high-end restaurant: the Jal Bedd Sky Auberge. Choose between traditional Japanese dishes or Western cuisine concocted by Michelin-starred chefs. A first-class ticket from Los Angeles to Paris can cost $24,000 and more.

4. Cathay Pacific: $25,000

Caviar breakfast, anyone? The airline recently upgraded its first class pods to include a thick mattress that will make you forget that you’re on a plane – especially once you slip into the organic cotton pajamas provided. You will be served an array of Hong Kong dishes made in the state-of-the-art kitchen featuring rice cookers and steam ovens. Pamper yourself with a personal amenity kit signed by Ermenegildo Zegna for the men and Trussardi for the ladies. A first-class ticket from Hong Kong to New York can cost $25,000 and more.

3. Korean Air: $27,000

Korean Air offers a different sense of first class, but nonetheless any more enjoyable. Their “Kosmo Suites” offer you perfect privacy, and its wood finished design will leave you feeling close to nature, and closer to peace and serenity. You’re private nook includes complete control over your foot rest and back massage, as well as your own personal flat screen TV in your Suite. If you’re flying first class, you better be flying Korean Air. A first-class ticket from New York to Beijing can cost over $27,000.

2. Etihad Airways: $29,000

Even if you travel before the official December launch of Etihad’s new first-class cabin The Residence, you always have access to the ultimate in luxury when traveling first-class with the airline. Your journey will begin on the ground with a chauffeur and concierge service and access to a five-star dinner and a spa at the airport.

Then, whether you are flying in the First Suite or the First Apartment (yes, the name is self-explanatory), let yourself sink in seats made with Poltrona Frau leather upholstery. The company also makes the seats of Ferrari and Maserati cars. As for the 73-inch flat bed, it is made of all-natural materials and features a massage function. A first-class ticket from San Francisco to Singapore can cost $29,000 and up.

1. Emirates: $30,000

In the first class Emirates cabin on board of the A380, you can take a shower at 40,000ft above the ground thanks to the in-flight spa, which features a beautiful marble design and Bvlgari toiletries. Sip on a detoxifying fresh juice for an added boost, especially if you spent the flight hanging out at one of the two on-board exclusive lounges. Your first class seat is a personal suite equipped with privacy doors and mini-bar. Choose from a selection of dishes that include healthy options or traditional Arabic mezze and enjoy your food served on Royal Doulton china plates with Robert Welch cutlery. A flight from Los Angeles to Dubai can cost upwards of $30,000.